Jessica Alba Copycat Plastic Surgery

Copycat Plastic Surgery

photo credit: Pizzello/AP, ITN News via YouTube
There’s an article about a lady in China that broke up with her boyfriend…ok, so far that’s a sad story.

But now this lady has decided that she’ll have plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba in order to win him back…now, that’s a bit odd and in fact against all advice by experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons, myself included, that tell such prospective patients this may be the wrong reason to change your appearance with plastic surgery. While plastic and cosmetic surgery can make you more attractive which often comes with an increased self confidence, it’s unlikely to keep your love, your spouse or drastically alter your life.

Turns out there’s a plastic surgery clinic, in China, that’s offering to do the surgery for free so the surgeon(s) can show off their skills…now that’s just plain crazy in my opinion. Encouraging someone to have elective plastic surgery in an attempt to look like someone else…so they can win back the love of a lost boyfriend is, in my opinion, wrong ethically, morally and professionally. I say shame on them and I’d encourage the lady to seek emotional counseling and not the scalpel. Either way, her boyfriend is most likely not coming back.

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