Just to catch you up.

I’ve been writing more subject specific posts on the advice of the SEO company. It seems the search engines don’t care about my feelings or take on things but want content rich and specific posts. I did want to take a few minutes to catch up with my readers.

1. I have a book agent and am working on a formal book proposal to garner a sale of my book. the manuscript is already written but will need extensive edits. No big deal…you will love this book.

2. I continue to be involved with VC companies and help develop emerging new aesthetic technologies in the plastic surgery and cosmetic medical field. I love this work which allows me to look into the future for the next big thing.

3. Ashton’s happy in her second year at USC…my son, Evan will apply next year and hopefully he’ll be at USC as well.

Everything else is great. I just completed an italian tuscan style painting 4 X 6 feet in acrylics. I haven’t done a painting in almost 10 years, so this was a pleasure. My wife, Robyn has it proudly displayed in our home.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III