Los Angeles Facelift

Los Angeles Face Lift Procedures should reflect the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon’s aesthetic vision on how to make your face and neck appear more naturally youthful and attractive. The “wind-swept”, “pulled” or more recently the horrid “joker look” should, in my opinion, be avoided at all costs as these are not attractive looks and they SCREAM that you’ve had a Face Lift and a bad one at that.

The top, the very best Face Lift Surgeons here in Los Angeles understand that there is an art to making people more naturally attractive and there is no way to deny the influence of Hollywood stars and celebrities have on the way we shape and make you look beautiful. While, it’s certainly true that not all celebrities look beautiful, or even good, after their plastic and cosmetic surgery…there certainly are many more that do look more attractive after their Face Lifts.
So what’s the difference in these outcomes? The Face Lift must be performed to aesthetically enhance the shape of your face in a feminine manner, for women and in a masculine manner for men. That’s the single most important factor influencing how good you’ll look after your Face Lift. Trouble is, many patients and surgeons do not have the proper aesthetic training and judgement to accomplish this goal and hence the disasters you see and read about occur.
What can you do about it? Read my simple 4-step guide on how to choose your plastic and cosmetic surgeon and read my new book “what’s Your Number”…the palmer code so that you learn what will and will not make you more attractive. Empower yourself with the knowledge required to get the improvement you are seeking.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
What’s Your Numberthe palmer code book