Los Angeles Rhinoplasty Cost

Costs of Rhinoplasty, Nasal Surgery, In Los Angeles vary based on the experience of your Rhinoplasty Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and the amount of work that your nose requires during the Rhinoplasty. In general terms, an open Rhinoplasty costs more than a closed as it requires more surgery time and effort to perform. In addition, adding osteotomies (breaking the bone) onlay grafts of cartilage from the ear and more involved nasal tip narrowing techniques will increase the difficulty of your Rhinoplasty and therefore the cost.

In addition to your surgical fee, there will be a fee for Anesthesia (for the anesthetist or anesthesiologist that puts you to sleep and monitors your vital signs throughout the surgery) and for the operating room.

An average Rhinoplasty cost in Los Angeles starts at about $7,500 for a primary closed Rhinoplasty and can approach $20,000 or more for complicated Revision Rhinoplasty cases.

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