Minlifts like our “Palmer Celebrity Lift” are all the rage this summer!

Minilifts, like our “Palmer Celebrity Lift” ( http://www.beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/PalmerCelebrityLift.html ) are small but highy effective versions of Facelifts ( http://www.beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/FaceLift.html ). Minilifts have shorter recovery time, smaller incisions and the benefit of being able to be done without general anesthesia. In many cases patients can go out in a day or so with little or no bruising and swelling. However, we are receiving questions from patients and the general public that indicates, to me, that there seems to be some confusion between Minilifts and suture suspension or Thread Lifts ( http://www.beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/ThreadLift.html ). So let me clarify each and their differences and benefits.

Minilifts are open procedures that allow tightening of the underlying muscle. Once the muscle is tightened, the Minilift Procedure also allows for the excess facial skin to be removed. On a typical face this amounts to 1 1/2 inches of skin from each side of the face. This is typically the minimum excess skin that appears in the face of a 30 ish year old female having a Mini Lift. This, because it’s an open procedure which allows muscle tightening and removal of the excess skin, is the most effective means of rejuvenating the face. So, let’s say this is the gold standard and we place the benefits ( or result ) at 100%. Then if a patient is, for some reason unwilling to have any incisions, I would have to offer them what I believe to be the another option. The suture suspension or Thread Lifts are, in my opinion, ~ 50% as effective as the Mini Lift Procedure.

When I consult with patients I am sure to put the options in just that manner. An open procedure that allows for skin removal is always the most effective means of rejuvenating the face. But if someone will not allow any incisions, that option is not possible and therefore, the Minilift can’t be done. The effectiveness of the next best option, in my opinion, drops down from 100% to 50% and if patients truly understand this, we are happy to give them the second best option. The confusion comes about because some people want to believe and hope that the Threads , Suspension Sutures, or some magical Laser Light will do the same thing to rejuvenate the face that a Minilift will accomplish and this logically, technically and physiologically just can’t happen. Period!

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III