Mole Removal


Face Model PhotoDr Francis Palmer performs Mole Removal for moles and skin lesions that are un-sightly, are suspicious looking (uneven shades of dark brown, purple or black), that have recently grown significantly or have an ongoing history of bleeding and healing.   The particular Mole Removal procedure that Dr Palmer recommends will depend on the size, location and appearance of the mole.  From “shave biopsy” to excisional biopsies, Dr Francis Palmer will discuss your best options.  Mole Removals are performed using a local “novocaine-type” agent.  Many of these treatments are simple, quick and effective with very little to no downtime that can make a world of difference in the appearance of your scar.

Dr Palmer will discuss your best options and tailor your Mole Removal to meet your specific needs.

Dr Francis Palmer believes the key to stunningly beautiful results lies in knowing how to apply the proper procedure(s).

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