Not Your Mother’s Rhinoplasty

It’s not your Mother’s Rhinoplasty. I am reminded of the olden days when Rhinoplasty meant everyone knew you had surgery…your nose screamed out that it had been lifted, tilted and pinched. Tips looked sharp and pointed while the bridge looked like a ski-slope. Boy, have things changed since then….and thank goodness. I saw a very nice lady today that had a previous Rhinoplasty almost 20 years ago and guess what. Her nose looked like a text book Rhinoplasty of that era. With all the telltale signs of nasal surgery, this nice woman was seeking something more modern, more now…and definetly less “operated.” Rhinoplasty should leave the nose looking sleek, refined and “natural”…not perfect. That’s a Rhinoplasty well done. Dr. Francis R Palmer, III.