Open Rhinoplasty, Cheek Augmentation and Celebrity Lifts.

I’ve been doing lots of Rhinoplasty lately which always includes open Rhinoplasty with cartilage ear grafts to re-shape the nasal tip and even some silicone straight grafts to build up the nasal bridge. The later is very popular in non-caucasian Rhinoplasty as a way of increasing the height of the nasal bridge.

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Cheek Augmentation has always been one of my specialties and it seems that in the Celebrity, Hollywood and plastic surgery corners, I’m known as the “Cheek Guy”…that’s cool…. I use both Cheek Implants and/or Radiesse or even Perlane to shape cheeks. Both Cheek Implants and the injected molded paste of Radiesse and Perlane give great looking cheeks. Which one is right for you will depend on how much time you have for healing and what shape your cheeks are at the moment….and of course whether you want a permanent change or one that lasts about 12 months. Implants are permanent but Radiesse and Perlane can be customized to each Cheek, something that isn’t possible with a Cheek Implant.

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Botox still is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments and I have done Botox Injections to soften unwanted lines and wrinkles for almost 20 years. Whether you want the lines around the lips soften or you want to get rid of the Crow’s Feet or forehead lines, it’s tough to beat the fast, effective results that you get with Botox. Obviously, you need to find a plastic and cosmetic surgeon well experienced in Botox Injections and be sure they use real Botox from Allergan and not a knock off brand that may be harmful.

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The “Celebrity Lift” which is a minimal incision Face Lift and Neck Lift, featured on ABC’s talk show “The View” has continued to be a huge favorite in people seeking facial rejuvenation and why not…if you can look 10 years younger in 90 minutes or less with very small incisions, no general anesthesia and no sutures to be removed all with recovery that’s measured in hours, wouldn’t you be excited. We have patients from all over the world having the “Celebrity Lift”… many fly home after 3 or 4 days. With the full facelifts and necklifts it would be 10-14 days before they could fly and almost a full month recovery time.

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Spring’s just around the corner which means before you know it, you’ll be wearing a bikini and hitting the pool or beach. This time of year many women turn to Breast Augmentation using either Saline or Siliocne Breast Implants. Silicone Breast Implants are more available than they were in the past as the FDA has eased the regulations allowing women 25 or older to have this as an option for Breast Enlargement and Enhancement.

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Dr. Francis R Palmer, III