Palmer Celebrity Facelift one of the “World’s Best” Facelifts?

One of the reasons that the Palmer Celebrity Facelift may be one of the “World’s Best” Facelifts is it’s ability to deal with not only sagging muscle and skin, of the face, but the excess fatty tissue that often accumulates as the face and neck ages. Excess fat can make it difficult to rejuvenate and shape the face using traditional facelifts. The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift uses micro-liposuction techniques to decrease the excess fat throughout the face and neck resulting in a more youthful, aesthetically shaped face once the underlying SMAS muscle layer is tightened and the excess skin is removed. The face can be further rejuvenated by creating a more attractive cheek shape by using fillers like Perlane, Radisse or Juvederm Ultra or by using Cheek Implants. This mult-stage approach provided by the Palmer Celebrity Face Lift can create a more youthful, naturally attractive face using much smaller incisions, with less tissue dissection which results in less healing time….all in about 90 minutes of surgery time.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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