Palmer Celebrity Lift can erase 10 years in 90 minutes.

It’s a new year, new decade and it might be the right time for you to look younger and more attractive. I developed The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift as a minimally invasive, minimal incision version of a more traditional Facelift. The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift can be performed in 90 minutes, or less…with or without general anesthesia. The secret is the manipulation, lifting and tightening of the muscle layer (SMAS) that we combine with shaping of the midface using either Cheek Implants, Chin Implants, Radiesse Injections, Perlane Injections, Restylane Injections, Juvederm Injections or Botox Injections. Midface shaping is the most commonly overlooked area of facial rejuvenation, in my humble opinion. Our patients fly home to Europe, Middle East and Asia several days after their facelift instead of the 10-14 days that’s required with more traditional facelifts. The Palmer Celbrity Face Lift has minimal postop bruising and swelling because of the limited tissue dissection. This means you won’t have the lumps and bumps that can be associated with traditional facelifts for up to 12 months postop. Easy, quick and effective….The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift is the answer for those wishing to look their best right now today.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”
Dr Francis Palmer in the media