Fr Signature Palmer Code® Body Contouring, Shaping & Sculpting

Fr Signature Palmer Code® Body Contouring, Shaping and Sculpting

Dr. Francis Palmer is a world-renowned expert on beauty, author and creator of multiple techniques on contouring, shaping and sculpting the body. Dr Palmer created his Fr Signature Body Contouring procedures based upon his years of research on beauty. This constellation of procedures is specifically designed to artistically shape and enhance the contours of the body in a natural and attractive manner.

Body Model

I believe that nothing beats Experience! The most important aspect of performing Body Shaping, Contouring and Sculpting is knowing how to create stunningly beautiful results using artistic ability coupled with a thorough knowledge of anatomy (not just the skin).” Francis R Palmer III MD FACS

Beauty is more than just skin deep, so be sure you’re in the hands of a world-renowned Plastic Surgeon like Dr Francis Palmer.

Defy Gravity and let your natural beauty shine through for a more youthful, naturally attractive you. Dr Francis Palmer will discuss the best options for you to be more naturally attractive.

Contact our office at 310-652-9583 for your consultation with Dr Francis Palmer, a highly trained and skilled Body Contouring, Shaping and Sculpting expert.