Palmer Code® Cheek Augmentation, Contouring and Sculpting using Beauty Volumization

Fr Signature Palmer Code® Cheek Augmentation, Shaping, Contouring and Sculpting

Restylane Photo Dr Francis Palmer is a world-renowned expert on facial beauty, author and creator of multiple techniques on cheek augmentation, shaping, contouring and sculpting. Dr Palmer created his Fr Signature Cheek Augmentation procedure based upon his years of research on beauty. This simple, office-based procedure attractively and artistically shapes the cheeks while enhancing facial contours. Using his impeccable artistic ability Dr Palmer shapes all layers of the cheeks, from the skin to the bone, by adding a very specific and precise volume with dermal fillers using his Beauty Volumization technique. This technique can shape and enhance the cheeks in just minutes. Unlike some other facial shaping and non-surgical procedures performed elsewhere, Dr Palmer’s Cheek Augmentation, Shaping and Sculpting procedure makes men more ruggedly handsome and women more stunning beautiful…it will not masculinize a female face.

Dr Palmer’s “Beauty Volumization” ™ Treatment:

  • Look Ten Years Younger

    (FR Facial Shaping) Fillers to the Face (Perlane, Radiesse) Botox injection for wrinkles

  • Perlane Filler to the Cheeks

    Watch Dr. Palmer apply Perlane® to the cheeks of one of his patients.

  • Takes less than 10 minutes

  • No Surgery

  • No downtime

  • No kidding

Because beauty is more than just skin deep, so be sure to trust your face to a world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon like Dr Francis Palmer.

Defy Gravity and let your natural beauty shine through for a more youthful, naturally attractive you with one of Dr Francis Palmer’s quick and highly effective non-surgical treatments. You can combine multiple non-surgical treatments for a Non-Surgical Face Lift.

Contact our office at 310-652-9583 for your consultation with Dr Francis Palmer, a highly trained and skilled Cheek Augmentation and Shaping expert.