Perlane Injections Beverly Hills

Perlane Injections Beverly Hills.

Perlane Injections Beverly Hills by World renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Francis Palmer.  Dr Palmer, voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by tatler Magazine discusses how Perlane Injections performed in Beverly Hills can be used to shape the cheeks and face.  Perlane is an HA type soft tissue filler that’s used in our Beverly Hills Office for shaping cheeks and chins.  Perlane injections can also be used to fill in the nasolabial folds and the marrionette lines.  Perlane is a thick enough filler that once injected it can create a round, fuller shape where Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra can not.  Once the Perlane is injected, Dr Francis Palmer molds the Perlane by massaging it into the appropriate shape within the tisuues.  This eliminates lumps and bumps from the Perlane Injections.  Perlane injections have very little brusing or swelling and at his Beverly Hills office, Dr Palmer refers to Perlane Injections as the “red carpet filler”...have you cheeks shaped this afternoon and walk the red carpet that night.