Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery: Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants 101: Part One “An Overview” by Dr. Francis R Palmer III

Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants and Radiesse: Part One.

It has come to my attention that patients seeking Cheek Augmentation might have some confusion about this Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedure. Let’s discuss Cheek Augmentation in general.  Cheek Augmentation is a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedure that is used to literally change the facial architecture of the Cheeks. Why? Simply because the existing Cheek architecture does not give the face the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Cheeks may appear flat, markedly asymmetric or off center.The latter is a marked asymmetry within a cheek itself that shows as a high point typically towards the outer areas of the cheek bone while the rest of the cheek is flat or concave. You may ask, so what? What’s so important about the cheeks? Good question, here’s the answer.

It turns out from my “Palmer Beauty principles” that the shape and size of cheeks account for a whopping 75% of what makes a face appear young, old, male, female, attractive or less so. The Cheeks are the absolute #1 beauty feature, of the face, in determining how attractive you are….for comarison, the eyes are #2 at 10%. This makes the cheeks something quite important and something that’s worth getting to look as close to the ideal size and shape as possible…and that’s where Cheek Augmentation ( ) comes in.

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Be sure to have a thorough understanding of the facial aesthetics when seeking Chin Augmentation with radiesse or Chin Implants as well.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III