Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Information Source.

Where are you getting your information about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery? From friends, colleagues, the internet? Does it matter? Yes, I’m afraid it does matter and it may matter a great deal if you act on information that’s incorrect…you could look worse and in some cases much worse.

The internet is amazing with all kinds of information about all subjects including plastic and cosmetic surgery like Face Lifts, Eyelid Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Breast Implants, Cheek Implants, Chin Implants, Lip Implants, Breast Implants, Tummy Tucks, Botox, Dysport, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm and IPL treatments. The problem isn’t the amount of available information, I’m afraid, but rather the quality of the information.

There are many sources of plastic and cosmetic surgery information written by laypeople…which means non-plastic and cosmetic surgeons. You can find these articles on numerous web portals that go by all sorts of names and list pages and pages of names of surgeons for you to visit and hopefully see. The thing you must understand is that the surgeons typically pay a monthly fee to be listed and more money to be featured in these directories and there is most likely little or no screening criteria for experience or quality.

Then there’s the chat boards. Here some person who’s not using their real name and has little way of proving that they are who they claim or that they have even had the type of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that they are discussing…all of which makes for very questionable information.

Even if you get information from a patient who has had the same type of plastic and comsetic surgery…it doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same experience because everyone is different in what they will require during the surgery, all surgeries are not performed the same and all sugeons will do the same procedure in a different manner. In my 20 years of writing and teaching about plastic and cosmetic surgery this is the most difficult point for me to get across to the consumer.

I recall, some years back, a writer decided to have some huge number of consultations regarding her Face Lift…like 50 or 100. She then chose a surgeon, had her Face Lift and wrote what was touted as a comprehensive guide on Face Lift Surgery. I read about the book in the newspaper and almost split my side laughing at the sheer nonsense and arrogance of such a concept. I will explain further:
The patient during her Face Lift consultation would have received different advice, evaluation and recommendations from all (let’s say 50) surgeons with which she consulted. Next, when she had her Face Lift…she was asleep and as such was completely unaware of exactly how her surgeon did her Face Lift. And even if she was awake and could see, which is just silly, her surgeon did her Face Lift a bit differently than other surgeons or what other patients would have required. It’s not just an adage…we all are unique and as such require different things during surgery. Lastly, the writer could write about her personal post Face Lift experience but healing, pain, emotions and results vary greatly and as such she really doesn’t have the years and thousands of cases to see the norm…or the average in any of these areas.

A bit winded perhaps but now you can see the problem with listening to Susie, who says her Rhinoplasty went great…or was horrible. You may be quite different from Susie in what needs to be done during your Rhinoplasty, who you’ll have do the Rhinoplasty, how you’ll heal, the final result and whether or not that result ultimitely makes you happy. All in all, nice to chat with but no real solid information can be gained. Even less if you consider that it maybe a staff member of friend of the surgeon who’s writing the post and suggesting a particular surgeon for you to see.

I believe it’s best to receive your information about plastic and cosmetic surgery from the various plastic and cosmetic surgery sites or individual surgeons sites. It’s much more likely to be accuarate information that will be useful to you the consumer.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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