Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is “Buyer Beware”

OK. I’ve written about these types of things, on my blog, before. You know the drill. Something in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is the “Latest Thing”….”Best”….or something else described as the greatest thing that gives you everything you’ve always wanted at a cheap price, etc. The Los Angeles Times wrote an article today where just such a scam was uncovered.

Those of us, who are Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, have for the past several years heard rumors of someone from out of the country coming here to Beverly Hills and injecting faces with “some miracle substance” in hotels and upscale homes in the area. According to this article the person turns out to be an unlicenced individual using industrial grade silicone with total abandon for sterile technique….the outcomes were obviously not good! Buyer Beware!

Beverly Hills is the mecca of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery and Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, like myself, are among the highest trained surgeons in the world. We are not holding anything back from our patients. There are no beauty secrets that some foreign doctor has that we can’t do. Don’t fall prey to scams based on a cheap price or a secret ingredient. Go to experienced, well-trained Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons for your procedures and pay the going rate for the best….. second or third quality work may spell trouble for you down the road and is never a bargain!

Dr. Francis R Palmer, IIII

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