Plastic Surgery innovations and advances.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery…the more things change..the more they seem to remain the same.

I guess this is a measure of how long I’ve been at this …almost 20 years. It seems like only yesterday, when I was standing in line with all the other brand new med students at UC Irvine Medical School..all with scared and unsure expressions on our young faces. We all knew we were part of something larger, bigger and more important than ourselves…and that was a bit overwhelming.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is advancing in some areas but in others, there seems to be little that’s new, just the old stuff re-cycled. I guess, if they haven’t heard about it before, it’s new to younger surgeons. Case in point is the use of banked or irradiated cartilage in Rhinoplasty to rebuild the tip and or nasal bridge. This was common 30 years ago but we quickly learned that this tissue dissolved and did so in an irregular manner which could result in an unveven lumpy appearance to the nose. Interestingly enough, I’ve read about this being used in Rhinoplasty lately like this is some new discovery. Ahh, no, and more importantly probably should not be used but instead I use silastic implants for the bridge and the patients own ear cartilage for nasal tips. Much more predictible results.

Same with wires, strings, threads and endoscopic procedures in the face for Face Lifts….there are issues of two point fixation, of stiff material actually cutting through softer, more pliable facial tissues and the inability to remove excess skin with endoscopic procedures that promise no incisions. remember, no incision means you can’t remove any skin…a fundamental issue for anyone seeking any type of Face Lift. The best things in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery are those that are logical, make sense and have a reason that they will work…

Francis Palmer MD
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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