Removing Bio Alcamid by Dr Francis Palmer, Voted one of the “world’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

I have had several patients recently from Australia and Europe that flew here, to Beverly Hills, asking me to remove the Bio Alcamid that had been injected.  In one case, the lips were over inflated with the material to the point they look completely deformed.  In another case, the entire mid-face and cheek area was deformed from the material moving lower into the facial tissues.

For the lip Bio Alcamid, incisions were placed just inside the corners of the mouth and the mucosa was elevated off of the lip musculature.  During the dissection, free floating Bio Alcamid was encountered and removed.  Alloderm lip implants were then placed  to create the proper lip volume and proportion, in both upper and lower lips.

In the mid facial case, micro-lipo was performed through a needle nick at the apex of the nasolabial folds and once again free floating material was encountered and removed.  Perlane was  the injected, into the fatty tissue layer, to shape the cheeks in the appropriate aesthetic manner.

Both, of these cases, IMHO represent injections of Bio Alcamid that caused facial distortion and frankly, I was hesitant to take their case because of the uncertainty of being able to remove enough of the Bio Alcamid to make them appear normal again.  I was, as were the patients, thrilled with the amount of Bio Alcamid that I could remove and the overall results.  I did want to share this information with my readers and give you my impression or thoughts on Bio Alcamid. IMHO, I am concerned that Bio Alcamid remains free floating, under the skin and does not become integrated into the tissues as most other fillers.  This may explain why, the injected material was no longer in the place, I imagine the MD injected it and instead feel lower on to the face.  This is a serious issue, IMO and makes the use of Bio Alcamid not reliable.

Dr Francis Palmer