Revance a new Botox like cream but does it work?

Medicis has a type A botulinum toxin ( same type as that found in Allergan’s Botox) in a topical application. Similar results are rumored, with Revance topical application and Botox injections but I remain a skeptic. Seems to me that it’s much more difficult getting the same concentration of botulinum type A toxin to the desired area. The desired area is the muscle(s) causing unwanted lines and wrinkles.

With Botox injections, the needle penetrates the skin and tissues to the level of the muscle causing the unwanted line or wrinkle. The toxin is then administered through the needle and syringe directly to the targeted muscle. The toxin relaxes the muscle and the line and wrinkle is diminished. Simple and easy to understand.

Now, when a cream or lotion is placed on the surface of the skin things get far more complicated.

1. How much of the toxin and how rapidly is it absorbed by the skin

2. How deeply is the toxin absorbed by the tissues…remember the toxin needs to get to the muscle in order to make it and the resulting line or wrinkle relax. If the toxin is stuck in the dermis of the skin or in the deeper fatty tissue above the muscle, how can it affect and relax the muscle?

3. If the toxin does reach the fatty tissues or the muscle (getting through the tough exterior tissue of the muscle called the fascia) will it be taken away by the various blood vessels within the fat and or the muscle. For the botulinum toxin to be effective it must come into contact with the neuromuscular junctions within the muscle in some amount for some period of time.

I am unsure that all these criteria are being met but I await the opportunity to try Revance for myself as I have been using Botox injections in my Beverly Hills plastic and cosmetic surgery practice for 20 years. I love the idea of rubbing a cream and making the lines and wrinkles go away but I as of yet remain a skeptic. I will keep you informed as I learn more.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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