Rhinoplasty 101 Part Three: Healing after your Rhinoplasty!

Rhinoplasty 101 part three: Rhinoplasty healing times or a nose job or Rhinoplasty Surgery ( http://beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/Rhinoplasty.html ). Well after Rhinoplasty 101 part 1 and 2, you should have some idea of what a Rhinoplasty Procedure is and what it can accomplish. Now, for part three let’s talk about the healing time after a Rhinoplasty and what you can realistically expect after a Rhinoplasty Procedure.

Rhinoplasty healing should be considered in two separate categories, immediate surgical healing and the long term healing or how long until you see the final result from the Rhinoplasty Surgery. First, the immediate surgical healing after a Rhinoplasty. Typically, a Rhinoplasty will take about 1 hour for a Closed Rhinoplasty and about 1 1/2 to 2 hours for an Open Rhinoplasty…that’s my operating time which does not include the time to put you to sleep or to wake you up.

Having said that, there are obvious differences in the order of how things are done and performed within the Rhinoplasty Surgery between PLastic and Cosmetic Surgeons.NEWS FLASH…not all Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons are the same.Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons will vary in ability, aesthetic judgement, technical skill and experience. Having said that, it will not come as such a suprise when I tell you that some Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons are more effecient and more gentle, than other Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, when they perform Rhinoplasty Procedures. Both time and the amount of surgical trauma play a major factor in the amount of post Rhinoplasty bruising and swelling. The amount of bruising and swelling that does occur, after the Rhinoplasty, obviously directly effects the amount of time that is required to heal from the Rhinoplasty Surgery.

In most instances, our patients, have some minimal swelling and brusing that has gone or is a slight yellow tinge at 1 week following the Rhinoplasty. Things that may increase the amount of bruising and swelling, after your Rhinoplasty, are things that thin the blood. Thin blood will create more bleeding during the Rhinoplasty (and all surgery) which is a bruise. Remember, that a bruise is just blood that is outside of the vessels and percolates through the surrounding tissues. Vit C, vit E, Aspirin, Ibuprofens, many homeopathic medications and herbs can thin the blood and increase your bruising and swelling. Therefore, I typically recommend that youi avoid these things for 3-4 weeks before your Rhinoplasty and for 3 weeks following your surgery.

Despite a quick, efficientRhinoplasty and avoiding all the things that thin the blood,Rhinoplasty Surgery…like all Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery does cause some trauma to the tissues. Ice therapy following the Rhinoplasty and limited physical activity for the first several days will help+ decrease the healing time. But, you can count on about 1 week. This will also coincide with the amount of time that you’ll have the plastic cast on your nose.

When the nasal bones are manipulated by rasping and/or reduction and in-fracture with a surgical chisel, a wafered plastic cast is applied to the nasal bones in order to offer temporary support. This cast is removed at 1 week. For an additional 3 weeks, the nasal bones are vulnerable as they are not completely healed and set. Therefore, contact with the nose: bumping, twisting etc must be avoided or the nasal bones may shift position.

Before we leave the issue of surgical healing following Rhinoplasty, I just want to add a note about Revision Rhinoplasty. The nose, unlike other tissues that undergo Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery has a tendency to become much more difficult to elevate, manipulate and operate with each subsequent Revision Rhinoplasty. And yes, the amount of swelling typically increases with each additional Rhinoplasty that is performed. So if you’re having a Revision Rhinoplasty, plan on additional swelling during that 1 week and maybe a day or so longer.

OK. Let’s talk long term results. You can expect your nose to continue to change and improve for about 6 months. This is for a first time Closed Rhinoplasty.Since an Open Rhinoplasty has additional tissue elevation, over the nasal tip, the final result may take up to 9 or 12 months. I have Rhinoplasty patients manipulate their nose according to very specific instructions that I give them at their 1 month post Rhinoplasty visit I have found these maneuvers helpful in eliminating post Rhinoplasty swelling and as a way to maximize the final aesthetic result.

Once again, Revision Rhinoplasty may take longer to see the final result. I tell Revision Rhinoplasty patients that they should expect final results no sooner than 1 year after their Revision Rhinoplasty and in some specific Revision Rhinoplasty cases ( excess scaring, multiple previous Rhinoplasties, mutiple cartilage grafts used) it may take 2 years.

Tomorrow: Rhinoplasty 101.Realsitic Expectations and what you need to know during your Rhinoplasty Consultation!

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III