Rhinoplasty 101

Rhinoplasty, Nose Jobs are Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedures designed to make the nose more attractive. The nose is made up of a skeletal structure that includes nasal bones ( the upper 25-50% ) and cartilage as the remaining component. Over this basic structure are muscles, tissue and finallly skin. Rhinoplasty Surgery is designed to adjust structure elements for a more aesthetically pleasing nose.

I want first to explain the basic aesthetics of the face so that you can place the proper aesthetic importance to the nose. According to my “Palmer Beauty Principles” the top 3 aesthetic beauty features are the Cheeks, Eyes and the Lips that account for 75%, 10% and 7% of facial beauty respectively. You may notice that the nose is not mentioned here. That’s correct, the nose does make you more attractive however, your beauty may be diminished by the nose having characteristics that draw attention to it and away from the top 3 beauty features.

Rhinoplasty or a Nose Job is designed to remove those characteristics of the nose that may cause the observer to look at the nose instead of the Cheeks, Eyes and Lips. Rhinoplasty Surgery should make the nose appear more sleek and streamlined without tell tale signs that a Rhinoplasty has been performed.Rhinoplasty Procedures should not leave the nose looking scooped out or leave tips that are pinched. Rhinoplasty should leave the nose looking natural.

Ever wonder how we perform Rhinoplasty through the nostrils? The space seems too small to perform surgery doesn’t it. Obviously it’s not too small and that’s exactly how a Closed Rhinoplasty is performed. More on that later. First, as the name Closed infers…there must be an Open Rhinoplasty and yes, that is the case. So, there are two basic types of Rhinoplasty Techniques, Closed and Open Rhinoplasty. What does this mean?

Simple. Closed Rhinoplasty refers to the fact that all the incisions, to perform the Rhinoplasty Surgery, are made inside the nose…inside the nostrils to be specific. An Open Rhinoplasty, on the other hand, uses incisions that mostly are within the nostrils but do communicate across the skin of the Columella. The Columella is that area of your nose that goes from the nasal tip to the upper lip. An Open Rhinoplasty Procedure will have an inverted V incision placed mid way in the columella that then communicates with the rest of the incisions within the nostril.

Tomorrow….what Closed and Open Rhinoplasties are used to accomplish and when you should consider each of these Rhinoplasty Procedures.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III