Rhinoplasty AKA Nasal Surgery

Rhinoplasty, the plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure that takes a short time to perform but years to master. Nose Jobs remain the most technically challenging plastic surgery procedure and frequently top the list of the most popular plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure performed here in the Los Angeles area (Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Orange County) as well as around the world. It’s also the procedure that has the highest rate of patient dis-satisfaction and revision rate. Why? I believe it’s because both patient and surgeon lack the proper aesthetics to deal with this very complicated facial feature…called the nose.

Despite the nose’s popularity to be be surgically altered, it has mistakenly been given the power to somehow transform the face…a power it simply does not have and hence a source of dissatisfaction for the final result after a Rhinoplasty. If you look at your face, the most aesthetically important facial features, in declining order of poriority are : The Cheeks, The Eye Area followed by The Lips. The nose isn’t even in the top 3!

So, why all the fuss, surgery and attention towards the nose. I believe it’s because the nose sits right in the center of the face and we tend to look at the eye area. As we do this, we see the nose as it sits in that same general vacinity. The truth of the matter, as revealed in my new book “What’s Your Number”…the palmer code, is that only when the nose has an exaggerated feaure like a wide/crooked/twisted/over-roated tip, wide/high/crooked/scooped nasal bones or something else that draws attention to the nose…and away from the top 3 facial features, does the nose exert some power over the beauty of the face. I feel, that this one factor has mistakenly led millions of people to have a Rhinoplasty for the wrong reason(s).

Rhinoplasty is designed to make the nose apper more sleek and refined in a natural-looking manner. If you want your face to be more ttractive, look elsewhere…starting with the top 3 facial features listed above…and if you want the best posiible results for your Nasal Surgery, you may have to travel to where the top (best) Rhinoplasty Surgeons are (Los Angeles Area). The cost of the trip will certainly be less than the cost of a Revision Rhinoplasty.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
What’s Your Numberthe palmer code book