Rhinoplasty and Your Number

Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty remain at the top of the list of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures year after year….

Does the nose and nasal surgery, called Rhinoplasty deserve all this attention, money and focus?

Sadly, No! And I say this as an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon with over 20 years experience. I do and have done many Rhinoplasty Surgeries and have answered many questions, right here on this blog, about Rhinoplasty before and after the surgery. I have however also cracked beauty’s code and there are numerous more important facial features when it comes to making you beautiful…then the nose.

If I told your your Face Number was on a scale of 100…how many points would you think the nose contributes…even if it’s perfect? 30, 20…10…how about 2-4. Surprised? Don’t be. Learn how to be beautiful using “What’s Your Number”(R) and the palmer code…..as outlined in my new book.

Rhinoplasty will always have a place in making faces more attractive but can not, does not and will never be the primary driving aesthetic force to make your face more attractive…the nose, is a bit player with a supporting role. We have all seen that when celebrities have plastic surgery.

Dr Francis R Palmer, III
Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Surgeon
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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