Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills (greater Los Angeles area):

Let’s conntinue with our discussion of Rhinoplasty with a look at some of the basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to seeking and having nasal surgery to refine the look of your nose, which is the definition of a Rhinoplasty.

Let’s start out with the Do’s:
1. Do your research and find a Rhinoplasty surgeon that has experience.
2. Make sure that you are armed with some basic knowledge of Rhinoplasty Surgery and the aesthetics of the nose….what does a beautiful, refined nose look like for a man, woman. Understand how your nose deviates form the ideal aesthetic size and shape and what general areas might be improved. It wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit about the differences in Rhinoplasty techniques, like a closed versus open, ear cartilage versus septal/bone/irradiated cartilage grafts. That way, when something is suggested to you, by a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, you will have an idea of whether, or not what is suggested is likely to make your nose more attractive.
3. Understand what the going costs are for a well-trained, experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon to do your surgery. You may also do a little research into what makes 1 Rhinoplasty more expensive than the next….that way you have some idea of what you’re looking at. This becomes more important in the next section of the Don’ts.
4. Have a realistic goal as to what the Rhinoplasty can accomplish.
5. Realize that if you see 5 different plastic and cosmetic surgeons about your Rhinoplasty, chances are that you will hear 5 different ideas about what to do to your nose and how to do it. Plastic Surgery is art and not cookbook and as such there are different ideas, values, aesthetics of beauty, techniques and skill levels of the various surgeons. No 2 surgeons will perform your Rhinoplasty in the same manner.
6. Use my easy to follow 4 – step guide on “How to Choose Your Plastic Surgeon“…don’t skip steps.
7. Be sure to see real before and after photos of Rhinoplasty patients and do not use imaging techniques that really have nothing to do with the skill and ability of that particular suregon to make those changes to your nose.
8. Do follow your gut instincts. If you’re uneasy, leave and see another plastic and cosmetci surgeon. If you get a complicated explannation of what needs to be done to your nose and the surgeon can’t explain it in simple terms…leave and see another surgeon.

Now for the Don’ts:

1. Don’t act like you are interviewing the surgeon and asking him/her to prove to you that they are capable of doing your surgery as this will be a clear turn-off to any well established surgeon who may take your tone as an indication that you are not emotionally ready for plastic surgery. If you follow my 4-step guide you can learn what you need and still be cordial. Overly aggressive patients are typically not accepted by the top plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
2. Do not use price as the final determination of how you choose your Rhinoplasty Surgeon….remember that you get what you pay for. You are unlikely to get a top rhinoplasty surgeon at a cut rate price.
3. It’s ok to bring pictures to your consultation but don’t ask to have some celebrities nose. This may make the surgeon feel that you are doing the surgery for the wrong reasons.
4. Don’t become creative after the surgery but follow your instructions to the letter. If you have questions about the post Rhinoplasty care, write them down so you can refer to the answers later if you forget.

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