Rhinoplasty and Botox Q & A

World renowed, Beverly Hills Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Francis palmer who has been voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons answers questions on Rhinoplasty and Botox Injections.

Question: Can Rhinoplasty Fix my nose? I’ve always felt my nose is too big for my face and that the tip is very bulbous. What kind of Rhinoplasty would I need to make my nose thinner and would the nose need to be broken? Can I have an idea of how much I would be looking at spending? Thank you so much :)

Dr Palmer’s Answer:

Based on the photos, that you provided Yes, Rhinoplasty would be able to reduce the bridge in the supra-tip region as well as thin the wide tip.  The nostrils are flared, which can also be reduced with the Rhinoplasty and I do not believe that the nasal bones would need to be broken or warranted by the size of the dorsal reduction which is minimal.

Question: I am interested in getting the bump removed from my Nose, but Would I Need to Reconstruct the Tip As Well?

Dr Palmer’s Answer:

From the photos provided, the nose does have a significant dorsal hump.  This can be removed and if you are interested, the nasal tip can be further narrowed and refined at the same time as part of the Rhinoplasty.  The size, of the dorsal hump, would dictate that the nasal bones be broken during Rhinoplasty in order to close the open roof created by the hump removal.

Question: Botox Injected in my Corrugator, Procerus, and Upper Frontalis.  If I have my forehead and chin but NOT the crow’s feet injected with Botox yesterday. Will I get a “caveman” look because of not doing this area?

Dr Palmer’s Answer: 

No, if you have Botox injected into the forehead the horizontal lines will be reduced as well as the vertical lines in the Glabella.  If performed properly these areas will have less noticeable wrinkles with no downside.  Botox, Dysport or Xeomin can also be used to reduce the cobblestone look of the chin.