Rhinoplasty contributes some, but not that much, to “Your NUmber” by beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Francis R Palmer, III.

Rhinoplasty contributes some, but not that much, to “Your Number” by beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Francis R Palmer, III:

For all the questions, I receivce and that people have before and after their Rhinoplasty Surgery…you’d think the nose was the leading cause of attractive faces. Well, I’m afraid to break the news that the nose isn’t even in the top 5 facial features that make people beautiful!

However, a nose that has something about it that distracts the observer from focusing on the top 3 facial features will make the observer percieve your face as less attractive. Why? Because the observer can’t concentrate on your best facial features. The nose is distracting.

What causes a nose to be distracting and thereby decrease “Your Face Number” if the nose is too long, too short, too crooked or too wide. I have to add and “too done” meaning your nose looks like it’s had a Rhinoplasty…and not a good one that leaves the nose looking soft and natural.

So, why all the fuss for a feature that can only distract from your good features? I’m not sure. Partly, becasue people don’t understand that you don’t need a perfect nose to be beautiful or handsome…just one that is sleek, refined and unobserved. What you really need to be good-looking and have a high “Face Number” are: ideally shaped cheeks, nice looking eyebrows/eyes and full lips. That’s 92 out of 100 points for “Your Face Number”.

I think the other reason, Rhinoplasty elicits so many questions is because Rhinoplasty surgery is the most technically and aesthetically challenging Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery procedure….bar none. I’ve done Rhinoplasty Surgeries for almost 20 years and when I see patients for Revbision Rhinoplasty, I can almost tell from the looking at the outside of the nose, what was done during a previous Rhinoplasty.Oh, and let me add thois piece of advice. If your Rhinoplasty surgeon suggests something during your postop course and it doesn’t make sense to you….have him/her explain why it’s important for you to follow that advice.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III