Rhinoplasty, Face Lifts and Breast Implants in Beverly Hills this summer!

This Summer here in our Beverly Hills office, Rhinoplasty, Face Lifts (our Celebrity Lift which is a quicker, less invasive Face Lift), Breast Implants and of course facial implants (Cheeks and Chin).

Rhinoplasty , especially out of stae and country clients from Europe, Asia and the Middle East continue to seek both primary and Revision Rhinoplasty as well as Face Lift procedures. Our Celebrity Lift continues to amaze as people want a quick, easy recovery which this minimal incision Face and Neck Lift offers. Most patients fly home days after the procedure…instead of the weeks they had to wait after a traditional Face Lift.

As the weather warms up, women’s thoughts go to the size and shape of their breasts and Breast Augmentation and Enhancement with Implants gains popularity. When combined with crescent lifts, the breasts can be lifted as well as more shapely.

Radiesse, Perlane or Cheek and Chin Implants can all be used to augment the Cheeks, Chin and Jawline for an improved facial shape…which as you know is the most important aspect of facial improvement…as outlined in my new book “What’s Your Number….the palmer code”.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
What’s Your Numberthe palmer code book