Rhinoplasty Nasal Surgery what’s it all about?

Nasal Surgery also called Rhinoplasty…by Dr. Francis R Palmer, III…Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and World Renowned Rhinoplasty expert.

I still receive the vast majority of questions and concerns, on this blog, related to nasal surgery, nasal refinement otherwise called Rhinoplasty. From Beverly Hills, to London, Tokyo, Miami, Dallas and points in between it seems people are more and more confused about Rhinoplasty and the post op course the nose often takes once the Rhinoplasty has been performed.

Let’s all take a deep breath and try and make sense of all the madness.

1. Rhinoplasty done the first time is called Primary Rhinoplasty and is the easiest Rhinoplasty to undergo. This is because the tissues are not scarred, the cartilages that make up the nasal tip and mid nose section have not been previously resected and the skin has a health blood supply that’s so very crutcial to post Rhinoplasty healing.

2. Rhinoplasty can be performed as a Closed Rhinoplasty where all the incisions are hidden inside the nose. This type of Rhinoplasty is, in my opinion, best suited for everything but very wide, downward rotated, very asymmetric/crooked, or previously operated nasal tips.

3. Open Rhinoplasty combines similar internal incisions with a very small inconspicuous inverted V incision mid way on the columellar skin. This is best for the Revision tip, crooked tip, asymmetric tip, very wide or severly downward rotated tip (looks like the nasal tip touches the upper lip).

4. Healing after a closed Rhinoplasty is typically shorter (3-6 months) than after an Open Rhinoplasty. The lymphatics of the nasal tip area can take up to 6 months for an Open Rhinoplasty before the shape of the nasal tip begins to become smaller and more refined. This process may continue for 12 months or longer, especially in Revision Rhinoplasty cases. If the nasal tip has been re-built with ear cartilage grafts, the process of healing may be extended.

In Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty cases, the expertise of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon performing the Rhinoplasty is key…including the surgeon’s post Rhinoplasty healing instructions. Every one of my Rhinoplasty patients are instructed, at 1 month, post Rhinoplasty on how to manipulate (massage) their nose in order to remove post Rhinoplasty swelling. By reducing the post Rhinoplasty swelling the amount of scar formation is redued and the aesthetic enhancement of the nose is increased. These manipulations can be done in less than 5 minutes a day and should be performed for at least 6 months. I follow my Rhinoplasty patients at monthly intervals, for those that are not out of country, to monitor the post Rhinoplasty swelling and healing. I intervene with Kenalog 10 injections if needed.

So, as you are deciding who should perform your Rhinoplasty take all these things into consideration. There is a reason some higly skilled and experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons, such as myself, charge more than other plastic surgeons performing Rhinoplasty. Remember, you get what you pay for and there are no exceptions to this rule. Celebrities and the rich have known this for years and yes this means that you may need to fly to Beverly Hills for your Rhinoplasty but ask yourself this: “which is less expensive…a trip to Beverly Hills for my Rhinoplasty or a Revision Rhinoplasty if I’m not happy”?

Read more about Rhinoplasty here: https://beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/Rhinoplasty.html

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III