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Rhinoplasty or the re-shaping of the nose is the top or one of the top plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures perfomed here in Beverly Hills, across California and around the world. I have written numerous articles on Rhinoplasty and what this procedure can and can’t do but I feel that people are not getting the message when it comes to ways to shape the tip cartilages and increase the height of the nasal bridge.

Lately, I’ve seen a wave of patients that underwent closed Rhinoplasty with placement of a silicone L-shaped graft to the nasal bridge to increase the nasal height. The problem isn’t the dorsal segment of the graft but rather the vertical segment of the L-shape. This short vertical segment is designed to go between the two sides of the tip cartilages and by doing so will logically increase…not decrease the size of the nasal tip. The junction of the vertical and horizontal portions of the graft sits just above the nasal tip cartilages and can cause skin erosion and damage to the nasal skin. Bottom line, patients have this L-shaped graft elsewhere and then come here to have it removed because they don’t like the aesthetics of what it did to their nose.

The graft can be trimmed leaving just the dorsal segment but typically the nasal tip cartilages must be repaired and the strengthened by using a conchal cartilage ear graft to the nasal tip all performed through an open Revision Rhinoplasty. So if you are looking to increase the height of your nose and want your nasal tip smaller….you may not want the L-shaped nasal graft which, in my opinion, may require you to have another Rhinoplasty to deal with the issues this type of nasal graft can create.

Francis R Palmer, III MD