Rhinoplasty Surgery in Beverly Hills Questions and Answers

Q.Is there a minimally invasive way to raise & narrow only the tip of the nose?

A. Aesthetically speaking, the nasal tip is wide and rotated downward. The best result would be obtained with an Open Rhinoplasty or Tip Plasty under a general anesthesia. The general anesthesia is to allow protection of your airway preventing blood from going down the back of the throat and into the lungs. If you are willing to do a less effective tip narrowing procedure, this could be done under infiltration with local but this is a compromise to be sure.

Q. When can we touch or squeeze a nose which has undergone open rhinoplasty?

A. We do not allow our Rhinoplasty patients to touch or manipulate their nasal tip for at least 1 month from the time of surgery and then only after they are taught the proper techniques of nasal manual lymphatic drainage. Improper manipulation of the nose can result in ruptured suture lines or dislocation of grafts causing nasal deformity. You might want to call and ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for specific advice.

Q. I had rhinoplasty done elsewhere one month ago to slim my bridge, however I feel that my nose is too thin and pointy and my bridge is too high and sits between my eyes. Can I reverse it?

A. Sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the look after your Rhinoplasty. IMHO, it’s best for you to have this discussion with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon as only he/she knows what exactly was done to the nose during the Rhinoplasty. This becomes important because if bone was fractured/removed or cartilage was removed, these are not reversible to get your exact nose back. That nose would be gone forever. Give yourself some time to heal and become adjusted to the new nose and recall the reasons that you sought out and agreed to have Rhinoplasty in the first place.