Silicone in the Lips may cause problems later!

by Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Francis R Palmer: Silicone injected directly into tissues can cause excess swelling, excess scarring, begign tumors and look quite unsightly. I know that the idea of getting a quick silicone injection is something that appeals to people. I understand that you are looking for that magic something that gives immediate results, without downtinme and is cost-effective. I understand but silicone is NOT that something!

Silicone may look fantastic for years only to become lumpy, hard and over-swollen. I have seen quite a few patients, that had silicone done by other doctors, that have these issues. They come asking me to fix their lips, cheeks…whatever the site that silicone was placed. I have to tell them: SILICONE CAN’T EVER BE REMOVED…PERIOD! I can decrease the size of the lips by cutting out a section of the inside of the lip. When silicone is injected in the cheeks, or the chin…there isn’t much I can do about that at all.

So, before you have silicone in the lips….think about Alloderm to give the lips a nice plump, full, pouty look without the potential problems that silicone has. The Alloderm will last about 7 years and can easilly be repeated. Yes, it is a surgery, but an easy one that I have done to augment and increase the size of the lips for over a decade with great results. Think about Restylane, Botox and Juvaderm as well but forget about Silicone.

Before you have silicone injected into your cheeks…read my “Palmer Beauty Principles” and consider Cheek Augmentation with either Radiesse….an injectiuon that lasts 1-3 years….or with Cheek Implants that are permanent. Ditto for the augnmentation of the chin and jaw.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III