Skin Rejuvenation


Dr Francis Palmer performs Skin Rejuvenation treatments as stand-alone procedures or as part of a more comprehensive Non-Surgical Face Lift for those interesting in freshening their skin. Dr Palmer offers a wide range of Skin Rejuvenation procedures designed to meet the needs of anyone interested in smoother, toned more beautiful skin. Many of these skin treatments are simple, quick and effective with very little to no downtime that can make a world of difference in the appearance of your skin.

Indications and Benefits

Skin Rejuvenation procedures can provide the following benefits to the skin:

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved tone
  • Reduced skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation)
  • Diminished signs of sun damage (age spots)
  • Improved skin texture (smooth dull or rough skin)
  • Improvement in conditions such as acne

Dr Palmer’s Skin Rejuvenation is tailored to meet your specific needs for more naturally, beautiful, youthful skin.

Dr Francis Palmer believes the key to stunningly beautiful results lies in knowing how to apply the proper procedure(s).

Model PhotoCreating the proper balance of texture and tone to the skin requires a tremendous amount of experience, skill and aesthetic judgment. As a world-renowned and internationally recognized expert in Skin Rejuvenation, Dr Francis Palmer will discuss your best options for obtaining naturally, beautiful results.

Protégé Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

The Protégé system can be used to treat all areas of the face and neck in just minutes for skin that looks more firm and naturally attractive without going under the knife. Results are cumulative over subsequent treatments that can be done as often as once a week for optimal results in the least amount of time. Real results without surgery, incisions, pain, swelling, bruising or recovery time.

Chemical Peels

Dr Francis Palmer offers a wide variety of chemical peels, including superficial, medium and more aggressive deep peels. During your consultation, Dr Palmer will discuss the benefits of each type and depth of peel to meet your skin care needs. The most common type of chemical peel is a superficial depth peel using AHA (Glycolic acid or other alpha, beta or hydroxy acid). Designed to remove the upper skin layer for a more refreshed look to the skin, these peels have very little, if any peeling, recovery or downtime.

Medium Depth peels using Jessner’s Solution, Salicylic acid or TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) are designed to remove the upper skin layer (epidermis) and some portion of the dermis for more significant reduction of lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration. Some degree of skin peeling can be expected at 5 – 7 days following the procedure.

More Aggressive or Deep peels using Phenol or concentrated TCA remove the epidermis and more of the dermis. These peels offer the same benefits of the medium depth chemical peel combined with tighten of the skin. These peels remove skin layers similar to Laser Ablative procedures and require more downtime than superficial or medium strength peels.

Dr Palmer performs Chemical peels as an office procedure but can provide anesthesia, in his fully accredited surgery center for your added comfort and safety, when performing deep peels. After the skin is cleaned, the peel solution is applied until the desired depth of peeling is achieved. Cold compresses are then applied to the skin and post-peel care is discussed for the best possible outcome. Patients will have varying degrees of redness and skin peeling as the old skin comes off and the fresh new skin is revealed with improved texture, tone and appearance.

Laser Ablation

Laser skin ablation removes the superficial and portion of the mid-skin layer called the dermis. This allows for additional anti-aging results that are similar to those obtained with deep chemical peels. The texture, tone and color (pigmentation) of the skin as well as acne scars can be improved. Dr Palmer will discuss which Laser treatment is best for you.


Microdermabrasion gently removes the outer, superficial layer of the skin. This allows for improved texture and tone, of the skin, while promoting the penetration of anti-aging skin products for an overall improved appearance of acne. These mild skin treatments can be performed with no downtime and can be combined with other skin rejuvenation procedures for added benefits.

Ultrasound Hydration

Dr Francis Palmer offers an ultrasound skin hydrating treatment that increases the ability of anti-aging and hydrating skin care to penetrate the skin layers. With no downtime, this gentle, relaxing treatment can improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

Scalpel Abrasion

This minimally invasive, targeted treatment is designed to reduce the signs of acne scars in a precise and “focused” manner. Unlike full-face chemical peels or lasers, the scalpel abrasion is designed to “spot” treat for maximum effect with minimal downtime.

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