Teens and Plastic Surgery….by Dr. Francis R Palmer, III

Teens and Plastic Surgery…when is it a problem? Last year in the US alone, over 12 billion dollars were spent on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery or non-invasive treatments. Approximately 650,000 of these were done on teens! That’s 5% of the total that had Botox Injections, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and much..much more. Could this signal a deeper problem? It might!

Our teens should be more interested in being teens than seeking quick-fixes like Liuposuction to get the desired body shape. What ever happened to good nutrition, proper eating habits and exercise. You know…turn off the TV or My Space and go outside for some physical activity. Parents…let’s put our foot down when our teens try to pressure us into allowing them to have Plastic Surgery at such an early age. If we succumb to 16 year-olds having Liposuction and Breast Augmentation today….will we come to accept 9 year-olds using Plastic Surgery to alter their body 10 years from now? If we don’t act now…..who knows?

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III