Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty…could it be the World’s Best?

If you are like millions of people worldwide that are thinking about having a Rhinoplasty or you one of the hundreds of thousands of Rhinoplasty patients, only one thing really matters to you. Where can you get the World’s Best Rhinoplasty.

I have been performing Rhinoplasty here in Beverly Hillsfor over 20 years and for about 7 years traveled to London to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery including Rhinoplasty. All in all, I’ve performed many Rhinoplasties for over 20 years and I can tell you that Rhinoplasty is the most technically difficult plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed and Revision Rhinoplasty is many times more difficult.

The unique aesthetics of the nose combined with the ability to change many features and aspects of the nose make this a challenging plastic and cosmetic surgery that takes years and thousands of surgeries to master. Unlike many other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, Rhinoplasty is tough to master and in my humble opinion can’t be done at a top level (the world’s best) unless all the following things are met:

1. The plastic and cosmetic surgeon must have rigorous training in how to perform
Rhinoplasty Surgery. Not all surgeons have the same training and this training differs
even more from country to country. In my opinion, the US and Beverly Hills has some of
the World’s Best plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
2. The plastic and cosmetic surgeon after adequate training must perform many, many
Rhinoplasty surgeries in order to have the type of experience you want in a world class
Rhinoplasty Surgeon. If you are seeking Revision Rhinoplasty, then your Rhinoplasty
Surgeon needs even more experience as the nasal tissue, structures and skin all become
increasingly more difficult to manipulate with each subsequent Rhinoplasty.
3. The plastic and cosmetic surgeon and the patient must have a thorough understanding
of the aesthetics of beauty as outlined in my new book, on the subject, “What’s Your
Number…the palmer code.”
This allows you to get the desired improvement and helps
you avoid a pinched, scooped, short or distorted nose after your Rhinoplasty.

Differences in cartilage thickness, nasal bone size and thickness, skin thickness and amount of oils, shae and size of the nostrils, size and shape of tip cartilages, rotation angle of the tip, amount of columellar show, width of nasal bones and the forhead/nasal angle are just a few of the many variables that must be taken into consideration by an experienced, world-class Rhinoplasty Surgeon…all before the proper surgical plan can be mapped out for your Rhinoplasty. This does not even consider the scenario where onlay grafts may be required to build up the nasal bridge or define the nasal tip. Certain materials work best on the nasal bridge while other do best in the nasal tip. When placed elsewhere, the same material may dissolve unevenly after a few years or worse…erode through the nasal skin creating a deformed appearance to the nose.

So when seeking Rhinoplasty….get the World’s Best….do your homework and get the training, experience and sound aesthetic judgment that you need.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”