The best (top) plastic and cosmetic surgeons and how to find them.

Let’s take a break from our “Fantasy Hollywood Makeovers” to have a brief discussion on how you can find one of the world’s best (top) plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

First, is the realization that there is a difference between surgeons based on several factors:

1. The years experience in performing each specific plastic and cosmetic surgery treament and procedure like Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane, Rhinoplasty, Face Lifts, Eyelid Surgery, Cheek Implants, Chin Implants, Lip Augmentation(enhancement), Breast Implants (Augmentation), Thigh Lifts, Buttock Lifts and Tummy Tucks. Each treatment and procedure is different and so are the skill sets associated with performing them.

2. The level of training received during Surgical residency and subsequent Fellowship training programs. Some of these surgical residencies are heavily weighted in non aesthetic plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures and while that may contribute to the overall training of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon these do not give the surgeon experience performing those particular plastic surgery procedures. In other words, you don’t obtain experience doing face Lift from performing back, hand or burn surgeries. This is not to knock anyone’s training but to explain to laypeople what, I believe, are the simple basic facts about surgical training. Fellowships are intense additional surgical training programs, some of which concentrate on plastic and cosmetic surgery. These vary from program to program individual participating surgeon as far as the actual number of plastic surgeries performed.

3. Aesthetic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is unique, in my opinion, because it’s a branch of medicine that deals exclusively with beauty and how to make people look more attractive. It is by definition what we do. Because of this, I believe that aesthetic plastic and cosmetic surgeons must possess astute aesthetic judgement in all aspects of their work…from the initial analysis of the patient through any planned treatment or surgery designed to improve that patient’s appearance. Sadly, this is not typically included in our surgical training and was up to each individual surgeon to possess or not. Learn the secrets in my new book “What’s Your Number…the palmer code.”

Here’s a Four Step Guide that may help you decide “How To Choose Your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.”

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”