The Best way for Botox, Dysport, Perlane, Radiesse and Juvederm to make you World Class attractive right now.

Face Lifts like our “Palmer Celebrity Lift” (featured on ABC’s hit TV show “The View”), Breast Augmentation with Silicone or Saline Breast Implants, Rhinoplasty (Nasal Surgery), Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), Cheek Implants, Chin Implant, Lip Augmentation with Alloderm or silicone implants, Tummy Tuck and various types of body lifts…are all great ways for you to improve on the way you look. However, these plastic and cosmetic surgeries have downtime and if you’re looking for a way to look great right now, today you simply can’t beat fillers and wrinkle softening injections. It’s what many Celebrities do before Oscar, Emmy’s, Grammy, People’s Choice Awards or anytime they want to look star quality beautiful….and these quick, easy fixes are not just for women anymore as more and more men are discovering fillers and wrinkle softening injections as a means to make them appear more angular, handsome and youthful.

If you’re considering fillers and wrinkle softening treatments here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Botox, Dysport, Radiesse, Perlane, Sculptra and Juvederm are the same no matter what plastic and cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist you choose to administer the treatment. There is no inherent magic in the fillers or neourotoxins (Botox, Dysport) themselves…these materials don’t possess smart technology to ensure that they are placed in the right just the right amount to give you the very best aesthetic results. If yu think about this logically, it makes sense. Using Botox, Dysport, Perlane, Radiesse, Juvederm or Sculptra is an art in and of itself. It requires a level of skill, training and experience, so do not use price as your determining factor of where and by whom you receive these treatments. If you want the best, top results you’ll have to pay a reasonable fee. Period. It’s a great idea for you to learn the basic aesthetic principles that will make you more attractive which I have done for you in my new book “What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”“>”What’s Your Number…the palmer code” available at

Here are some uses, we have for the neurotoxins and various fillers: These procedures are done as an office visit in 10-15 minutes with minimal discomfort or downtime. Patients fly here from all over the world for these treatments and are allowed to fly home the same day.

1. Reduce unwanted wrinkles of the forehead, glabella (between the brows), Crow’s Feet and around the lips or mouth using either Botox or Dysport. I like to have my patients receive a full treatment as a booster 1 month from the initial treatment for added effect. Once that’s done, the Botox or Dysport treatments can be done every 4-6 months to maintain the results.

2. Elevate the corners of the mouth or eyebrows. Botox or Dysport can be used to elevate the corners of the mouth or the tail of the eyebrows.

3. Botox and Dysport can be used to reduce unwanted areas of enlarged facial muscles around the mouth or nose (“nasal srunching”).

4. Shape the Cheeks, Chin or Jawline using fillers like Perlane or Radiesse. Allows your face to look more youthful, feminine and naturally beautiful as a woman or more angular and ruggedly handsome if you’re a man. All in 10-15 minutes with the results lasting about 6 -12 months depending on which filler is used. We do use Cheek and Chin Implants to permanently enhance the Cheeks and Chin for men and women but I have been hesitant over the past 20+ years as a Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon to use Mandible (Jaw) implants because of he risks and possible complication associated with those implants, so the fillers offer a safe and viable alternative for people who require jaw enhancement IMHO. Because Radiesse is a thicker molecule there’s a bit more swelling and lumpiness with this than after Perlane IMO so we prefer to use Perlane the first time our patients have fillers to shape the face and in all cases where our patients have an important event, like a red carpet, appearance that night or the following day.

5. Plump up the lips, using the proper aesthetic proportion outlined in my book, using Juvederm.

6. Fill out the Nasolabial (NLF) folds or Marionette Lines using a variety of fillers. Juvederm for superficial (folds not too deep), Perlane and Sculptra for deeper folds. Radiesse can show as a stiff line within the fatty tissues in some patients and should be sued only when the folds are very deep IMO.

7. Sculptra is excellent to fill out hollows or depressions in the face, temples or hands. Sculptra is a staged type of treatment where the patient receives an initial treatment and then is treated again in approximately 8 weeks for a full correction. Some times a third treatment is required. The good news is that Sculptra, unlike the other fillers, causes your body to make its own collagen and the results last up to 2 years. I do not use Sculptra to create shape in the cheeks, chin and jawline as I feel the larger molecules of Perlane and Radiesse are better adapted for that purpose.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”