The Palmer Code

What’s Your Number?

palmer-code-coverAfter nearly two decades of plastic and cosmetic surgery practice, research and analysis, Dr. Francis Palmer discovered the secret of what makes us beautiful. He identified and quantified the most aesthetically important beauty features of the face and body.

Order on AmazonWhat’s Your Number, within The Palmer Code, quantitatively measures specific beauty features, of the face and body, whose sum constitutes your Palmer Code Face Number and/or Body Number, within a 100-point scale, with 100 representing a perfect score.

By applying a numerical score to your beauty and appearance, The Palmer Code unlocks real solutions for improving your appearance through patent-pending, scientific algorithms that define beauty’s component parts. What’s Your Number and The Palmer Code are outlined, in detail, in his book What’s Your Number? The Palmer Code including how The Palmer Code applies to all aspects of your life both inside (the “inner you”) and out.

The Palmer Code Explanation of Facial Features and Your Face Number

“At the core of The Palmer Beauty Code are the secret, ideal patterns that define human beauty. Understanding them and how they relate to you will allow the full potential of your appearance to be revealed.” (Dr. Palmer,What’s Your Number? The Palmer Code). What until now, have been, my trade secrets, The Palmer Code represents specific algorithms I’ve used thousands of times to get stunningly beautiful results for my patients. This same information will help you determine your own Face Number, and with that understanding comes a clear picture on how to optimize your appearance using a highly focused approach of specific, goal-oriented, plastic and cosmetic treatments and procedures.

“I discovered that facial beauty is determined and controlled by three key facial features-the `big three,’ as I call them. Together, they account for 92% of how attractive your face is perceived.

“And the most important element of these three may surprise you– the cheeks. Although the eyes have been called the ‘windows to the soul,’ they are not the most important feature of facial beauty. Not by a long shot. It’s the cheeks. In fact, within the top three facial features, the cheeks contribute 75 points compared to only 10 points for the eye area.” Dr. Francis Palmer, author, artist, world-renowned Beverly Hills plastic and cosmetic surgeon, and creator of The Palmer Code.”

Facial FeaturePoints PossibleComment
Cheeks75 pointsWomen: Full and round
Men: Narrow and angular
Eyebrows/Eyes:10 pointsWomen: High and arched Men: Flat and low
Lips:7 pointsBoth men and Women: Full and plump, with upper lip 75% as full as the lower lip
Total “Big Three”92 pointsOut of a possible 100 points

The Palmer Code Explanation of Body Features and your Body Number:

As with the face, The Palmer Code reveals the secrets of specific, ideal patterns as they relate to the body’s external beauty. By learning how to identify these patterns, you can control your body’s aesthetics to a far greater extent than you might have previously imagined.

Improving Body Features

  • Hips and legs, abdomen and waist
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Shoulders and arms
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts

Palmer Code Numbers in The General Population

The following bell-shaped curve illustrations show the distribution of The Palmer Code Numbers in the general population. This will give you a sense of how common Your Number really is or is not. The higher the Number, the less commonly it occurs.

ndgp pgp

What The Palmer Code Number Means

Palmer Code Attractiveness Score

  • 59 and below = Below Average
  • 60-74 = Average Looking
  • 75-84 = Good Looking
  • 85-94 = Extremely Attractive
  • 95-100 = Star Quality Gorgeous

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