Thigh Lift

With age, and gravity, the legs can loose their youthful shape and appeal. Give them the shape and tone of youth. The Thigh Lift is designed to tighten loose muscle and remove excess skin allowing your legs to regain a youthful shape and appearance. Come discover your options! Why don’t have the look that you’ve always wanted?

Thigh Lifts are performed with several types of incisions. The type will depend on the amount of excess skin and loose muscle. Once an incision is made, the skin is elevated and the muscle tightened. The excess skin is then trimmed and the skin is closed.

Dr. Palmer advises patients to rest during the immediate post-operative week and normal activity can typically be resumed after several weeks.

The surgery has little to minimal discomfort and works best for patients who are not undergoing large fluctuations in their weight. The surgery is ideal for patients with stable weight but with loose muscle and skin from weight loss.