What is Beauty and how do you get it?

I believe that Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can be a valuable tool to create beauty and make you more attractive. However, what’s the secret formula for beauty and how can you learn my secrets? Well, I’ve made it about as easy as possible for anyone interested in beauty and how to make themselves more attractive. My secret? My “Palmer Beauty Principles”.

Why did I go through all the trouble to figure these beauty principles out in the first place. Let me ask you a question. If I, as a Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, am charged with making people more attractive for a living…..how can I not have a complete understanding of what makes people beautiful? It turns out that we never learn these principles during our 10 years of training. As crazy as this sounds…it’s absolutely true. No professor, no teacher ever explained to me what human beauty was or how I might recreate it. I learned vague principles and surgical techniques but I could tell immediately upon graduation that something was lacking.

I spent the next several years in intense investigation. God has granted me with the ability to see patterns where others do not. I figured out what makes people attractive…beauty is defineable, quantifiable and most importantly to me as a Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon…it CAN BE CREATED!

That was some 14 years ago and I have spent the years that follow teachinhg my patients these “Palmer Beauty Principles” through TV appearances and magazine articles. Some years later, I developed a website where people can go to learn these principles and more and now I write about these ideas and other topics in my blog.

I believe that everyone should understand their beauty and how to improve upon it, should they have that inclination….or perhaps their loved one have the inclination. You best chance of having a successful outcome after Plastic and Cosnetic Surgery is to go as a well informed consumer that knows what features will make you more attractive. Be proactive not reactive when it comes to your self-improvement. If you can tell me right now what single facial feature accounts for 75% of what makes you look attractive…..then you are already well ahead of most. If you can’t, then read my “Palmer Beauty Principles.”

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III