When did bones become beautiful? Answer, never!

Here’s another article about the epidemic of “too thin” that has taken grip of hollywood’s leading ladies. This has bothered me for some time now and I have stated here several times that this extreme thin look is NOT BEAUTIFUL…it’s just not. I mean really, who are they kidding with skin and bones, who finds that beautiful, feminine or sexy? This is just plain fantasy…one that has been propogated by hollywood…I know not by whom, but clearly someone that doesn’t know what makes women beautiful.

Heads that are too big for their bodies, arms the size of noodles and ribs that literally appear to be jumping right out of the skin is just not attractive. Not beautiful. period! These are signs of eating disorders and possible body dysmorphic disoder that prevents the afflicted from seeing themselves as they truly appear to others. Worse yet, it sends a very bad message to our pre-teen and teens that this is OK, that this is the fashion, that this is acceptable. It’s not of these but rather a serious health risk and I wish it would be recognized and discussed as such. Francis R Palmer, III

Extreme Measures
Drastic thinness has become the reigning beauty ideal from runways to the red carpet and it’s having an alarming effect on girls everywhere

Thursday Sep 28, 2006 6:00am EST

Extreme Measures | Kate Bosworth

In 2002, fresh off her Blue Crush breakthrough, the actress a champion equestrian as a teen appeared slender but fit. As a leading lady at a premiere in June, her face, bust, arms and waist were notably thinner in 2006.

At a party for designer Zac Posen in New York City on Sept. 14, the scene was fashion meets young Hollywood. There was Kate Bosworth looking whisper-thin in a black dress, dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” and smoking cigarettes. There was the always minuscule Mary-Kate Olsen, who stopped by just long enough to puff a cigarette and pose for a few photos. At the center was Posen, 25, a current red-carpet favorite who has dressed a range of young actresses, from the plus-size Marissa Jaret Winokur to the sub-zero Bosworth. “I like women’s bodies I emphasize them in my clothing,” Posen told PEOPLE on Sept. 21. “Healthy women are much sexier.”

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