Where in the world are the best Face Lifts?

So, you’ve been looking in the mirror and you have decided that perhaps a Face Lift is right for you. Now, you must decide where and with whom to have your Facelift. Here are a few things for you to consider in your quest for the World’s Best Face Lift:

1. The most important thing your plastic and cosmetic surgeon must have is the proper
aesthetic judgement
. This dictates how the plastic and cosmetic surgeon plans on
making you more attractive as well as youthful in a natural and appealling manner.
Without a solid grasp of the aesthetics of beauty, your face could look pulled, or
otherwise un-natural, which is NOT more attractive…..no matter how experienced
or skilled the surgeon. Trouble is these all-important beauty aesthetics are not part
of the surgical training or education. The proper aesthetics of beauty are spelled
out in my new book “What’s Your Number…the palmer code” which is a must-read
for all who are interested in plastic surgery as a means to improve themselves
although my book also includes many non-surgical methods of self-improvement.

2. Once you understand the aesthetics of beauty and have identified
“Your Number”, you are ready to explore options on how best to improve and
increase “Your Number”.

3. Now, if you decide a Face Lift will increase “Your Number”, then it’s time to find the
world’s best plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Here is a four-step guide for you to follow on
“How to Choose Your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon”.

4. Your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon must be an expert in the aesthetics of beauty, be well trained in plastic and cosmetic surgery and experienced in performing Face Lifts. I have been performing Face Lifts for over 20 years and have seen Face Lifts change and evolve over that time into the 21st century, minimally invasive version that I created 5 years ago “The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift”.

Just remember that the most technically talented surgeon who doesn’t understand the aesthetics of beauty will be uncapable of making you look more attractive in a consistent manner, in my opinion. Conversely, there’s simply no substitute for experience and you should and must find the best plastic and cosmetic surgeon that’s proficient in the aesthetics of beauty and highly experienced in performing Face Lifts or whatever plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure you are seeking. This seems the smart thing to do whether you a celebrity seeking plastic surgery or just want to improve “Your Number”.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”

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