Which Lip Procedure Gives the Most Subtle and Natural Look?

Q. I over line my lips and believe it makes a HUGE difference in the way I look. I think it balances my face and causes a more attractive appearance. My particular focus is on enhancing the cupids bow with a more permanent improvement, which procedure do you think would be best suited? Lip lift, implants or fillers?

A.  I have performed Lip Augmentation for over 25 years and written scientific papers on the subject.   IMHO, Alloderm Lip Implants offer the most natural and aesthetically pleasing Lip Augmentation. The material last about 7 years and is supple enough to be placed immediately below the outer, red portion of the lips for maximum effect. I have usedGoreTex and Silicone lip implants but do not feel they are as effective as Alloderm.

The main aesthetic issue,IMO, is to select a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetic proportion of the lips when seeking augmentation.  I do not use permanent fillers or thick fillers, in the lips, as these can create issues with blood supply and permanent damage to the lips.

We do lots of fillers to the lips using primarily Juvederm Ultra…however, fillers last about 6 months and will not have the ability to create as much augmentation as an Alloderm Lip Implant.

Q. How long does an Alloderm Lip augmentation last?

A.  I have performed many Lip Augmentations with Alloderm (sheets, not the injectable form) and wrote a scientific paper on Alloderm compared to other types of Lip Augmentation materials.  Alloderm lip implants last about 7 years but are softer and more supple, IMHO than other lip implants made of silasrtic or saline filled bags. IMO, Alloderm Lip Implants are the gold standard by which all other lip augmentation materials should be judged.