Who Says all Face Lifts are created the same?

Many Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons and numerous surgical associations and societies members perform Face Lifts, Mini Face Lifts and variations of them all….yet there’s a movement to tell you the consumer that they are all alike.

But is this reasonable or even plausible? Most things like IQ, height, weight, income and credit scores can be plotted on a bell-shaped curve distribution. Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon’s ability, skill and experience seems to me no different. That means they can not…and their procedures can not all be alike. Make sense?

In over 20 years of performing Face Lifts and most recently our modernized version called the Celebrity Lift, which has much smaller incision, less recovery time (measured in hours , not days, weeks or months) and less tissue dissection….I myself have gone through several Face Lift technique improvements to make the procedure more effective.

The first time I adjusted the Face Lifts that I performed was only 2 years after I had completed all of my training and Fellowship in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery…this was to make the Face Lifts that I did more in tune with my then evolving sense of facial aesthetics and beauty. I began to tackle the Nasolabial folds and shape the cheeks as a standard part of evert Face Lift. I even trademarked the term Facial Contour(R) Face Lift and used it in numerous TV shows, newspapers and magazine articles about Face Lifts internationally.

The next big adavance in my Face Lifts came some 7 years later as I adopted a deeper tissue plane of dissection during the Face Lift. I did this version for several years and was un-impressed by the advantages over previous versions.

Then the next big advance came when I realized patients wanted all the aesthetic benefits of the Face Lift but didn’t want the long anesthesia, the large incisions, the potential hair loss when making incisions in the scalp, the days-weeks-even months of recovery that some of the deeper tissue face Lifts had and of course the dreaded…wind swept look taht is universally hated by patients.

I realized that if I followed by aesthetic vision of what makes the face beatiful, I could minimize the incisions, the tissue dissection and therefore the anesthesia and recovery time associated with my “Celebrity Lift“. For the past 4 years, I have done the “Celebrity Lift” for patients from all over the world and it is amazing in what aesthetic benefits can be accomplished in 90 minutes or less. About 50% of the people elect to have no anesthesia for the procedure and use only topical injections like Novacaine.

I can’t imagine taking 6 hours to do a Face Lift anymore when I can get these kinds of results in 90 minutes. Is this like the Face Lifts in your town…doubt it. Are the marketed mini face lifts we all see on billboards, TV and magazine ads the same…again doubt it as I’m not interested in mass marketing my techniques. I remain of the mind set that plastic and cosmetic surgery is an art..not cookbook and as such if practised by 10 different surgeons…you will get 10 different levels of resluts.

In my opinion some things hold true no matter the industry or product:

1. There’s no substitute for experience

2. Quality first….second best is second best

3. You get what you pay for

4. You may need to travel to get the best…

5. Not every Doctor or surgeon has the same aesthetic view and experience..learn 4 simple steps to “Choose Your Plastic Surgeon“.

So next time your looking for eyelid surgery, brow lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, chin implant, tummy tuck, fuller lips, restylane, botox, perlane or radiesse….remember that you are unique in whatever it is that you do for a living and so is the plastic and cosmetic surgeon you seek.

Francis R Palmer MD
Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
Author: What’s Your Numberthe palmer code book