World’s Best Celebrity Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

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Today’s news carries a story of Cindy who’s had a record 52 plastic and cosmetic surgeries. I recall media about Cindy, over the years both here and the UK (primarily), where she’s advocated this extreme amount of plastic surgery. Cindy received a stern talking to by Barbara Walters some years back about too much plastic surgery, during one of her US TV appearances and that must be at a point when she had fewer surgeries than the 52 being reported today. Is she a Celebrity because she’s had plastic surgery? It would appear so.

The question isn’t whether it’s right or wrong for her to have this exaggerated number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries ranging from Face Lifts, to Breast Implants, Cheek Implants, Chin Implant, Rhinoplasty and Eyelid Surgery….but rather should this be something that others should emulate? To this, I say a resounding NO! 52 surgeries seems ridiculous, outrageous and highlights some other need that is being met with constantly going under the knife. I’m not convinced that she looks good or better, so I’m not sure what the point of 52 surgeries would have been. From a video on today’s media, she has her hair hiding the front of both ears…what do the scars there look like after multiple Face Lifts and her right side of her mouth seems not to move as well as the left which could indicate nerve damage from one or more of these surgeries.

If we were to use The Palmer Code to calculate her Face Number, would that Number be higher in her before or after photos? ‘m guessing the before pictures would score higher, but you do the calculations yourself and formulate your own opinion. More is not always better and with plastic and cosmetic surgery at the World’s Best level, there is no substitution for sound aesthetic judgment and this would not dictate 52 surgeries, not ever IMHO. The media does consumers a disservice running these pieces with a disclaimer “please don’t try this yourself”.

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