World’s Best Cheek Augmentation follows the Proper Beauty Aesthetics.

Dr Francis Palmer, a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills has been voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons.  In large part this honor and distinction arises from Dr Palmer developing an aesthetic standard of  beauty for the face and body.  As amazing as it sounds, basic beauty principles are not part of plastic and cosmetic surgery training even though it is the most imporatnt part of knowing how to make someone more naturally attractive.

In Dr Palmer’s book, on the subject, the proper aesthetic shapes of key features are described.  When these are close to the ideal shape, the face/body will be perceived as more attractive.  The differences between a beautiful woamn’s face and a ruggedly handsome male face is a matter of angularity.  The more angular, the face, the more masculine it appears.  This becomes important when patients seek a natural, more youthful face through cheek augmentation.  Knowing the appropriate aesthetic shape, for a man vs a woman, is instrumental in creating a more attractive face.  Merely having experience using fillers, like Perlane and Radiesse, or placing Cheek Implants is not enough.  The patient should seek out those plastic and cosmetic surgeons that understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty as outlined in “The Palmer Code.”  His Book “What’s Your Number…the Palmer Code” is available at Amazon and other online outlets which can be found on our homepage.