World’s Best Cheek and Chin Implants from Beverly Hills.

World’s best cheek and chin implants and how to get them is described by world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Francis Palmer who was voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by Tatler Magazine.  When shaping the face using fillers (Dr Palmer prefers Perlane for cheek augmentation and Radiesse for Chin and Jaw Augmentation) or using Cheek Implants and a Chin Implant, the plastic and cosmetic surgeon must understand the aesthetics of facial beauty and how that can be achieved through the use of the fillers or facial implants.  Dr Francis Palmer’s book, on the subject of beauty aesthetics “What’s Your Number…the palmer code” describes and outlines the aesthetics of making the face more naturally attractive.  Be sure that you select a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that understands and follows these aesthetic principles as outlined by Dr Francis Palmer.  Other factors that influence how affective Cheek and Chin Implants Surgery is, are the following:

  1. In general aesthetic terms, female cheek implants should make the cheeks more soft and round while men’s are more narrow and angular = ruggedly handsome.
  2. Cheek Implants should not be used to wrap around the side of the face as this makes the face appear more broad and a bit odd in appearance.
  3. The type of Cheek and Chin Implant thickness, or projection, will determine how natural your face appears.  “More” is not better as thicker implants can over-power the face and make it appear odd and even disfigured.  This is where aesthetic judgement, of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon must be impeccable in guiding the patient on what will and will not make their face look more naturally attractive.  Women with large wrap-around cheek implants look oddly masculine and not the least bit feminine or attractive.  Dr Palmer believes that Medpore or Porex Cheek and Chin Implants incorporate into the bone in as soon as 1 month.  While this may sound appealing, the reality is quite the opposite.  These types of cheek and chin implants can’t be removed and if the wrong size, shape or thickness was used…there’s no going back.