World’s Best Cheek Implants

If I had to define the world’s best Cheek Augmentation Surgery using Cheek Implants, I could do so with a single phrase “naturally beautiful”. I have been using Cheek Implants, for over 20 years, to shape and contour the face in a subtle, natural yet highly effective manner to create soft beautiful faces in women and rugged, angular faces in men. Yes, quite a few men have Cheek Implants top create a ruggedly handsome face.

I believe, that more than any other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedureCheek Implants must be just the right size and shape to create the proper aesthetic contour. If the Implants are to small, large, wide, thick or the wrong shape….the facial aesthetics will be off and the face looks odd and sometimes downright deformed. Hardly the naturally beautiful or handsome look you wanted to achieve.

When I see patients who have had, what I believe are, an incorrect size and or shape) Cheek Implants there always seems to be a lack of aesthetic understanding on the part of the plastic surgeon and the patient. In many cases, the Cheek Implants were placed in an ill-advised attempt to plump up and fill sagging facial tissues resulting in massively over-sized implants and a deformed face.

Here are my important take away points for anyone seeking Cheek Implants as a way to shape and improve facial appearance.

1. Cheek Implants must be subtle in shape and size….they should enhance not overwhelm the face.

2. Not everyone is a good candidate for Cheek Implants and this is based on the actual shape of your existing cheek bones.
The entire cheek bone should have an ideal aesthetic shape, as outlined in my new book “What’s Your Number…the palmer code. However, it’s quite common for one or both cheek bones to have sections that are ideally shaped and parts that are not. When the majority of the cheek bone is properly shaped, adding a Cheek Implant is likely to make the cheeks and face appear to broad or large and this is something that obviously should be avoided. In that case, fillers like Perlane, Radieese or Juvederm Ultra Plus can be injected to fill and enhance just the deficient segment of the cheek. This is a temporary solution but one that is highly effective and avoids disfiguring the face.

3. When using Cheek Implants, a little augmentation goes a long way.

When augmenting the cheeks with Cheek Implants, using a subtle implant makes the cheek and the entire face attractive…but once the implant is even slightly to large, small or thick…the cheek and the face appear deformed. “A little is good, more is terrible.”

4. Not every Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon is comfortable using Cheek Implants.

Just this week we had a person contact us via e-mail to say she visited a well known plastic and cosmetic surgeon about possible cheek implants to which the surgeon gave a less than supportive opinion about the merits and benefits of using Cheek Implants to improve the facial appearance. This position, with which I completely disagree should make that patient realize she must seek another plastic and cosmetic surgeon who believes in Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants.

Cheek Implants can, will and do alter the facial skeletal shape and as such may be daunting to some plastic and cosmetic surgeons…it’s OK, not everyone has to perform every type of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure. You do need to find a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that does many Cheek Augmentations with Cheek Implants and who gets a consistently great aesthetic result with Cheek Implants. Why would you go anywhere else?

5. You always, always, get what you pay for.

The best, the top Cheek Implant surgeons will charge accordingly. Beware of discount prices as these may indicate a surgeon with little or no experience.

6. Do be open to adjunct procedures along with your Cheek Implants.

If the tissues of the face and or neck are loose and have sagged, Cheek Implants should never (in my opinion) be used to lift these tissues as this requires an implant that is very large, thick and aesthetically incorrect. When used in this scenario, the Cheek Implant is inconsistent with a naturally youthful and beautiful face. Instead you may wish to tighten, lift and remove excess fat and skin for a face that is shapely and more attractive using our “Palmer Celebrity Facelift.” Think of this as re-draping the tissues over the improved cheek structure once the Cheek Implants have been placed.

Of course Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Breast Augmentation with Breast Implants, Botox, Browlifts, Tummy Tucks, Chin Implants and Lip Enhancements can also be done at the same time as Cheek Augmentation.

7. Celebrities are no stranger to Cheek Implants.

I’ve seen numerous pictures of celebrities before and after their alleged plastic and cosmetic surgery and they may have had Cheek Implants to fill and shape their cheeks.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”

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