World’s Best Face Lift by Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Francis Palmer, voted one of “The World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

The latest advances in Face Lifts offer smaller incisions, less tissue dissection, rapid recovery times and the abilty to forgo general anesthesia.

Gone are the days of traditional Face Lifts with long incisions, 6 hours of surgery time, drains, pressure dressings and months of lumps/bumps/swelling and recovery time.  In our modern, fast-paced lives, who has the time to be swollen/bruised and lumpy for 6 months or longer?  Minimal incision Face Lifts, like our “Palmer Celebrity Face Lift”  are designed to offer all the benefits of the traditional Facelifts but with much smaller incisions, surgery time of about 90 minutes, rapid recovery time that can be measured in hours/days all performed with or without a general anesthetic.

The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift dissects/elevates/trims and re-sutures the all-important SMAS muscle layer.  This must be performed for long term results which are not achieved when the SMAS is simply folded or suspended using sutures of various thread-lifts.  Further, the face becomes more youthful and naturally attractive when the Cheeks are ideall shaped.  This require a thorough understanding of the proper aesthetics of facial beauty.  Pulling facial tissues alone is simply not enough.  Face Lifts are not all the same, so be certain that you entrust your face to a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that follows aesthetic principles like those found in “The Palmer Code”.