World’s Best facelift

Dr Francis Palmer, world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by Tatler Magazine is now offering limited time special packages on his “Palmer Celebrity Facelift”.   These all-inclusive packages are for a limited time only and include the consultation, Dr Palmer’s “Celebrity Facelift”, local anesthetic and post facelift appointments.  Why have your facelift anywhere else when you can have Dr Palmer’s minimal incision Face Lift that has the following advantages over traditional Facelifts:

  1. Much smaller incision.  As little as 1/5 as long as traditional facelift incisions.
  2. Limited tissue dissection, as little as 1/4 of traditional facelifts and as much as 1/10 of the more invasive mid-face facelifts (subperiosteal facelifts).
  3. With smaller incisions and less tissue dissection, the Palmer Celebrity Facelift can be performed with local infiltration and does not require IV sedation or a general anesthetic.  This means no nausea from anesthesia, no anesthetic medicine in your system and a faster recovery post-facelift.
  4. All this means a rapid recovery time that can be measured in hours, not weeks or months with the more invasive type facelifts.  Our patients fly back home, all over the world, several days after their Palmer Celebrity Facelift.
  5. The Palmer Celebrity Facelift manipulates the SMAS by dissection/elevation/trim and re-suturing as should be done in any effective facelift.  The SMAS is not folded or suspended with sutures or threads as Dr Palmer does not believe those techniques to be effective at lifting the SMAS and facial tissues.
  6. Unlike other facelifts out there, Dr Francis Palmer uses his trademarked and patent pending “Palmer Code” beauty principles to shape each and every face making them appear more youthful and naturally attractive.  This may entail removing and shaping excess facial fat, shaping the cheeks with dermal fillers (Perlane is preferred for the cheek augmentation, Radiesse for the chin and jaw line) or placing cheek and/or chin implants.  This impeccable aesthetic understanding of how to create a naturally more attractive face in a man or a woman, combined with the limited invasive nature and rapid healing of the “Palmer Celebrit Facelift” makes this limited time special…well even more “special”.