World’s Best Facelifts with dermal fillers, Perlane and Botox to shape the face.

World’s best Facelifts, performed by world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Francis Palmer shapes the face using Perlane and Botox to a more naturally attractive appearance has gained international acclaim.  Here’s what the international media has said about Dr Francis Palmer voted one of the “World’s Best” Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons.

If you are in the market for a naturally, more attractive look consider the “Palmer Celebrity Facelift” with Perlane to augment the cheeks and Botox to soften unwanted lines and wrinkles.  Remember that not all facelifts are the same, so select your Facelift Surgeon based upon their ability to understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty which is the topic of Dr Francis Palmer’s book on the subject.


renowned facial Plastic Surgeon”

“Who not only puts shape back in a woman’s face by subtly
sculpting the facial skeletal structure, he also creates a beautiful
, for so long a standard of feminine beauty”- “One
of the leading American Plastic Surgeons”


of America’s most famous plastic surgeons”
of Facial Contouring”
– “Hollywood’s feted
plastic surgeon”- “Palmer is used to his clients responding
to him with pride, gratitude, and openness”

Zealand Woman.

are halcyon days for plastic surgeon Francis Palmer”- “Dr.
Palmer’s prize technique is facial contouring”

“It’s not just faces that Dr. Palmer can transform”-“Surgeon
with delicate hands and a blue-eyed, soothing, bedside
 is famed for performing miracles on aging bodies”
“Dr. Palmer’s office has the air of a shrine, hushed,
clean and hopeful”

Daily Express.

“Subtle changes rendering a woman youthful, not dramatically altered”

London Daily Express.

“famous surgeon”-”he performs his miracle” -”The skilled hands of this surgeon have reshaped some of the most famous faces of our time” – “a modern day sculptor would best describe this surgeons talents”– “His innovative and cutting edge procedures have been documented in countless journals”- “the pride this man exudes when speaking about his work leaves you confident and optimistic about your decision to have plastic surgery”-”new procedure to increase the size of lips”

– Miami Weekly.

a surgical technique pioneered in America”-”the ultimate in lip enhancement operations”

– London’s Daily Mail.

“Specializes in the latest facial liposculpting techniques to reveal the facial structure”– the muscle, fat and connective tissue are manipulated for reconstructing-to perfect a natural looking contour”

– Fit Magazine.

“Famous faces from around the world flock to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Francis Palmer, M.D.”-”A renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon” -”for his specialized beauty boosts that tighten and smooth skin, widen eyes, lift cheekbones and whittle noses” -”You can look movie-star fabulous”

Woman’s World.

“Dr. Palmer has made subtlety his by word”-”the advent of the facial contouring facelift signal’s a great victory”-”the effect is startlingly youthful”-”it eliminates all but the most subtle signs of aging”-”the latest technique shows in the fine features of many star’s”-”the facial contour facelift is the nearest thing to a miracle”- “This technique which makes him the darling of Hollywood parties”

– London’s Sunday Express.

a surgical technique pioneered in America”-”the ultimate in lip enhancement operations”

– London’s Daily Mail.

“Hollywood celebrity plastic surgeon Francis R. Palmer III, M.D.”

– Health and Beauty.

“His artistic eye-reflected in his hobby of painting, means he is able to size up a patient in seconds, instinctively knowing where he could contour, where he could suggest improvements.” -”his revolutionary face contour sculpting technique”- “His medical C.V. is highly impressive”

– London’s Sunday Express.

“the Doogie Howser of the facial business”

– Liz Smith Syndicated Column.